Old man kissing ground to get favour before Kogi state Governor Chief of Staff, Edward Onoja
Politics is a dirty game that comes with enormous surprises. Most often, it comes with political shock and throw the unprepared victim into the unbalanced circumstances.
This is going to be the case in kogi state, when Hon.  Edward Onoja  believed that they hold the power and have all the resources to influence our people, then the unbeatable shock becomes inevitable.
When I see Onoja going from one community to another organising a derisive and factitious decampees ceremony, I laughed stridently on his obnoxious political strategy.
It’s apparent that if you failed to do the right thing,  you will definitely face the consequences and experience a negative result at the polling units.
Desperation and self-deception are evil companion that will prove him wrong in 2020.
Let me make it categorically clear here that, Igalas are not fools, Ebira are not fools and also our Okun brothers are not fools. Our state is in dire need of help and no any strategy can change the mind of our people.
The government of Bello wasted more energy on frivolity than reality.  They failed to identify the problems, hence,  they became adamant to profess solutions.
Their hearts becomes a rock of impenetrable hardness, an embodiment of impregnable hardness. Nothing ever penetrate their minds, even the general out cry of the entire people of the state. This could best be described as a “stone heart”.
I’m rightly in Kogi state,  from Okene through Ajeokuta to Lokoja, then to Anyigba through Ankpa to Okpo down to my home town Ogugu in Olamaboro local government area,  My findings kept me speechless, sick and cry.
Sincerely speaking our people are bittered and they are all wearing a dissatisfactory faces. They are anxious of voting Bello out in 2019/2020.
The worst was that Local government were starved of funds,  money meant for local government operations were diverted and used in the wrong direction. I will speak on this extensively later.
No any man with a modicum of common sense  will support a government that is self-centered and full of excessivism, frivolity, lies and deceits. Our people are tired and decided to part away from a government beclouded with darkness and failures.
I’m speaking without fear of ambiguity that neither Bello’s supporters nor opponents could be certain of his defeat in 2020.
This government is a great disappointment to the entire people of kogi state and our people are ready to shock our fake leaders in power.
Even with their overzealous attempts to impress our people with fake projects, their abysmal results end up annoying them.
Don’t be DECEIVED our STATE need HELP
Denis Itodo
Advocate For Good Governance



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