The Choice Before Us In 2019 Is To Choose The Lesser Evil.


Choose The Lesser Evil. The choice before us in 2019, so long as we are left looking at Buhari and Atiku, is a choice between bad and worst. It is never between good and bad. Make no mistake about it. Avoid the binoculars of self inflicted ignorance. Knowledge comes with responsibility.

Once you know, you know you have to act accordingly. So when you speak about your candidate, you know you cannot lie to yourself. You know he is not good enough. You know Buhari is not good enough. You know he is not that man of integrity. You know he was a fabrication of myths and politics. Oh you know it. That mythical integrity recalls to mind the story of two guys who went into a farm to steal ears of corn. When they were brought before the village shrine, they pleaded not guilty.

Their argument was that if they were guilty, they would have been struck dead by the charm planted by the owner. The charm was supposed to strike down any thief who stepped his feet into the farm to steal. So why were they not struck down? Because the big guy carried the small guy on his shoulders and in that manner, walked into the farm. The small guy used his hands to puck the ears of corn and drop into the bag held by the big guy.

The charm could not strick them down because the big guy stepped into the farm but did not pluck with his hands. The small guy didn’t step into the farm but plucked with his hands.. That for me is the way to interpret a situation where a man of integrity is propped up by the stolen money of dubious characters, known both to him and to us all On the other hand you have an Atiku whose hands are alleged to be unclean; whose days as vice president are recalled in bad light. In his own case, no claim is made to integrity. Yet those who make such claim left him to roam and to ambulate.

He fits into the above as the big guy. The popular Comedian, Gordon added a lexicon to our conversation when he invoked and defined ATIKIMANIA as a situation where a powerful man seeks power. By all indication Atiku, again, fits any description of a powerful man in search of power. He cut the picture of the old brigade of oligarchs. With him, we are not yet weaned from the stale stable of the past. We might be delayed and drawn back by a receding destiny. We may be held down by a circle of militarized albeit in his own case, “paramilitarised” mentality.

But he is a choice among the alternative. He might not even be our Trump. He is certainly not our Macron. He might just be a continuity-in-Chief of the old order. So none of these two top contenders is a better choice, believe me. but certainly one of them is bad and the other is worst. And you should be wise to enough to choose the bad. Discard the worst. As it is, that old principle is very important to recall here: When faced with two evils, choose the lesser evil. This is your dilemma. Choose the lesser evil.

Choose it wisely.

Christian Okewu Emmanuel

Written from Lagos



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